Crystal IS Expands Optan Line of UVC LEDs

Crystal IS of Green Island, New York USA, added higher light output and wavelength specific bins to its Optan SMD (surface mount device) product line for instrumentation. The company intends for the new products to help meet the increased demand for UVC LEDs in fluorescence spectroscopy, imaging, and biofouling control. Like other Optan products, the UVC LED employs lattice matched native Aluminum Nitride (AlN) substrates. Crystal IS says its AlN substrates enable its UVC LEDs to deliver better performance in the instrumentation markets.

“Our newest Optan SMD bin has a higher light output and longer lifetime than any LEDs commercially available now,” said Larry Felton, CEO of Crystal IS. “We are proud to give our manufacturing customers an environmentally friendly, long life option for their instrumentation products.”

The new UVC LEDs provide light output between 250nm and 280 nm. Applications for the new UVC LEDs can include fluorescent spectroscopy, flow cytometry, biofouling control. The UVC LED source can also be used for catalyzing persulfate oxidation in TOC (total organic carbon) measurement in water purification systems. High levels of TOC can degrade the water purification systems used in semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Flow cytometry uses the LEDs for cell counting, cell sorting and biomarker detection in bio-analytics and medical diagnosis. The UVC LEDs can be used to protect larger sensors and those operating in environments which experience significant biofouling.

Crystal IS will showcase its products at Pittcon in booth 4349.

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