Cree Boosts Lumen Output of 3.5mm Single Die LED by 50 Percent

Cree of Durham, North Carolina USA, has announced the new XLamp® XHP35 family of LEDs. The XLamp® XHP35 family boasts 50 percent more light output than Cree’s previous highest-output single-die LED in a 3.5mm footprint. The company built the XHP35 its SC5 Technology™ platform. The LED employs Cree’s unique high-voltage power die architecture that helps unleash the full capacity of extreme high power LEDs with existing drivers. The new XHP35 LED provides up to 1,833 lumens. The single-die LED does not suffer from the optical inefficiencies of a multi-die LED. According to Cree, the main innovation that makes the higher performance possible is the company’s unique 12V monolithic power die which can provide extremely high light output and efficacies at drive currents less than 1A.

Cree XHP35 Angle HR (left) and XHP35 HiAngle HR (right)

“We’re excited that the XHP35 LED brings the performance of Cree’s Extreme High Power LEDs to the XP footprint,” said Jorge Fraile, CEO, Hispaled. “In addition to delivering an impressive amount of light, the XHP35 LED allows us to leverage existing drivers to achieve the full performance of Cree’s high power LEDs at lower drive currents.”

The XHP35 family uses Cree’s SC5 Technology Platform built on silicon carbide technology. The platform offers an advanced light conversion system with advancements in epitaxial structure, chip architecture for optimal thermal and optical performance.
The XHP35 LEDs come in high intensity and high-density versions that are optimized for maximum performance for specific applications. The new levels of light output from the XHP35 High-Density LED in the compact XP footprint are perfect for high bay and outdoor lighting. Cree optimized the XHP35 High Intensity LED to provide maximum candela through secondary optics that reduce the size for applications requiring high light intensity, such as torch, track, and stadium lighting.

“The XHP35 LED represents a breakthrough that goes well beyond the incremental advances of other LED suppliers,” said Dave Emerson, vice president and general manager for Cree LEDs. “Now, more than ever, manufacturers will be able to tap the full power of extreme high power LEDs to forge lighting designs that were previously thought to be impossible.”

Samples of both XLamp XHP35 and XHP35 High-Intensity LEDs are now available, and production quantities are available with standard lead times. The XHP35 LEDs come in 70, 80 and 90 CRI and color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 8300K with 2-step and 3-step EasyWhite® options.

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