Changelight Orders Aixtron 2800G4 Systems for Fine Pitch and Mini LED Production Capacity Expansion

German firm Aixtron SE reported that the company is supplying additional MOCVD technology to Xiamen Changelight Co, Ltd (Changelight). The Chinese company plans to use the new AIX 2800G4-TM cluster systems from Aixtron to expand its production capacities for solar cells and arsenide-phosphide-based red, orange and yellow LEDs (ROY LED) including mini and micro LED versions. Aixtron has scheduled the delivery of the tools between Q3/2018 and Q1/2019.

All of the ordered production systems feature a wafer configuration of 15×4 inches. According to Aixtron, this configuration enables maximum yield with the highest level of quality.  Aixtron also says that the AIX 2800G4-TM has proven itself as a reference system for the fabrication of ROY LEDs in recent years. Aixtron further asserts that the product’s adoption is the result of the device’s unique production performance and the high manufacturing capacity of the company’s automated Planetary Batch Reactor concept.

Changelight Intends to Become Leading Supplier of Fine Pitch, Mini, and Micro LEDS

Jin Zhangyu, president of Xiamen Changelight, said, “We have been using Aixtron’s equipment technology to manufacture advanced optoelectronic devices for years and therefore, have great confidence in the AIX 2800G4-TM. The outstanding performance of the system in terms of wafer homogeneity and efficiency in material consumption combined with maximum flexibility and versatility in production will help us to position Changelight as one of the world’s leading suppliers of ROY LED for fine pitch, mini LED and micro LED applications.”

“Aixtron is the largest supplier of MOCVD systems for the production of ROY LEDs and laser diodes worldwide. The strategic partnership with Changelight, the largest customer for gallium arsenide-based MOCVD systems in China, helps us to consolidate and expand our leading market position. We will continue to actively support Changelight with our know-how in the future and look forward to continuing our trustful cooperation,” Dr. Bernd Schulte, President of Aixtron SE, said.

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