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Osram Opto Develops Super Low-profile OLED

Osram Opto Semiconductors has developed an extremely low profile OLED as part of a research project. The company’s latest OLEDs are large transparent light sources only a few hundred micrometers thick. The company says that with new technology these OLEDs do not need separate encapsulation and can therefore be made …

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Universal Display Corporation Awarded $1.9 Million From DOE for OLED Lighting Product Development

Universal Display, a maker of flat panel displays and OLED devices located in Euwing, New Jersey USA, announced that it has received $1.9 Million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop a ceiling-based OLED lighting system. The company said it will uses its UniversalPhoLED and other …

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Sony and Idemitsu Jointly Develop OLED Which Achieves 28.5 % Efficiency; Sony Invests About $210 Million to Refine OLED TV Technology

On Monday of this week Sony Corp and Idemitsu jointly developed what they claim is the highest luminous efficiency OLED used in OLED televisions, according to an article in Nikkei Net. The companies reported achieving 28.5 percent internal quantum efficiency for the OLED. In related news, Sony Corp.announced Tuesday that …

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