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Sign Using Permlight’s El Blanco LED Products Wins UK Award

The Intercontinental Hotel Vienna sign, which utilizes Permlight Products’ El Blanco White LED products in Birmingham, UK, won the award for ‘Best Illuminated Sign’ for 2005 at the recent European Sign Industry Awards. This award marks the second time that the awards have commended signs using products from Permlight.

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Color Kinetics Enlists Help of David Cunningham for Joint Product Development

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Color Kinetics (CK) of Boston, Massachusetts USA, has enlisted the help of industry veteran, David Cunningham, an inventor and industry pioneer credited with developing several successful lighting products. The company plans to capitalize on Mr. Cunningham’s knowledge and expertise to jointly develop intelligent solid-state lighting solutions. In related news, we …

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Nitto Denko Develops Polymer That Will Likely Improve Optics in LEDs

Nitto Denko of Osaka, Japan has developed what it claims is the thermosetting polymer with the world’s highest refractive index of 1.76, according to a NikeiNet news item. The technology could be utilized in opto-electronic equipment, including liquid-crystal display modules, light-emitting diodes, and digital cameras. The polymer reportedly enhances the …

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Color Kenetics Utilizes Osram Dragon LEDs

Color Kenetics has chosen Osram Golden Dragon LED technology for use in its white, solid state lighting systems. Using the white and warm-white Golden Dragon LEDs, Color Kenetics has devised a number of LED lighting innovations including: color temperature control, the ability to use standard dimmers, and the ability to …

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Lite-On Technologies Projects LED Revenue of NT$ 10 Billion (US $ 322.5 million) for 2005

Lite-On Technologies of Taipei, Taiwan projects sales of their LEDs to reach NT$ 10 billion (US $ 322.5 million), according to a Taipei Times news article. H. H. Lin, the company’s executive and CEO said that the much of the revenue improvement will come from sale of infrared diodes.

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New Prototype For UV LED Water Purification Tested

A new team of engineers and researchers from Campbell, Ohio USA have focused on UV-LED water purification with some promising results. OHT, LLC, an Ohio startup company, has designed and developed a novel prototype which allows a flow of water to be treated by the 16 MEmocvd AIGaN/GaN LED chips, …

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