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Taiwanese Researchers Report Higher Performing LED With Laser-Lift-Off

Taiwanese researchers reported on laser lift-off techniques to produce GaN-based LEDs in the July issue of Applied Physics Letters. Researchers from National Cheng Kung University and We-Fung Institute of Technology in Taiwan reported fabrication of vertically-structured GaN-based LEDs using nickel electroplating and patterned laser lift-off.

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Lumileds’ Phosphor Process Promises Improved Color Consistency within the LED Beam

Lumileds Luxeon Color

Engineers and designers have encountered two types of color inconsistency problems in white LEDs. One, the most frequently discussed, inter-LED color consistency is the consistency among multiple light emitting bulbs. Another, less frequently discussed but still problematic form of color consistency is intra-LED color consistency, or color consistency within the …

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Maserati Concept Car Features Osram LEDs in Headlights

Pininfarina, the Italian sports car maker, premiered its concept car the Maserati Birdcage 75th at this years Geneva Motor show. The design of the 700 horse power vehicle features an innovation of particular interest to our readers, LED-powered headlights. The bluish headlights featured 12 Ostar RGB LEDs from Osram Opto …

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Agilent’s Envisium PLCC-4 LED Family Wins EE Times Quarterly Ultimate Product Award

Agilent Technologies Inc. with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California USA, has won EE Times Ultimate Products Award for this quarter in the Interconnect, Passive and Electromechanical Components (IP&E) category for its Envisium mid-power family of LEDs. The Envisium Power PLCC-4 (plastic leaded chip carrier), a surface-mount LED designed for automotive exterior …

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CAO Group Receives Both of Lumileds’ Luxeon Certifications

The CAO Group Inc. of Sandy, Utah USA has received both of Lumiled’s coveted Luxeon certifications. According to the company, achievement of two Luxeon certifications, demonstrates the company’s solid state lighting expertise in heat management, optical beam shaping, and integration design. As a Certified Luxeon Luminaire Manufacturer, the company is …

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Mitsubishi Chemical Produces RGB White LED Lamp

Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. of Tokyo, Japan has developed it own white LED lamp. The RGB lamp combines a near ultra-violet LED with its proprietary florescent substances coating the LED to emit the primary colors, red, blue, and green, according to a Nikkei Net Interactive article. The article reports that the …

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