Bright LED Electronics to Supply LED Lighting for Boeing 737 for U.S. Airline

Bright Led Electronics, an LED packaging provider based in Taiwan, reports that it has become a supplier of LED lighting in the passenger cabins and restrooms of Boeing 737 aircraft for a US-based airline, according to a Digitimes article. The company pointed out that LED lighting employed in different areas of the same airplane have to meet different specifications. Furthermore, Bright LED Electronics noted that each has to pass the corresponding certification.

Even for the same airline, LED lighting used in other airplane models needs to be re-certified. For this reason, Bright LED says it is in the process of certification for using its LED lighting in other aircraft. The company hopes to land orders later in 2017.
To avoid competition with China-based LED makers, Bright Led says it has stopped packaging blue-light LED chips and is focused on infrared and SMD LEDs, which accounted for 44% and 34% respectively for the first-quarter 2017 of its consolidated revenues.

Also, Bright Led’s subsidiary, the LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker KoBrite Taiwan, has ended production of GaN LED chips. However, KoBrite is continuing to produce of AlInGaP and infrared LED chips, and sapphire wafers, Bright Led said.

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