BMW M Motorsport Leverages Osram Technology and Expertise at Le Mans Race

BMW M Motorsport will leverage Osram technology and expertise for the legendary 24-hour sports car race Le Mans on 16 and 17 June 2018. Osram has provided biologically effective lighting for racing drivers and their teams since last year’s season as an official BMW M Motorsport partner. BMW M Motorsport hopes the unique lighting will make the decisive difference on the Circuit de la Sarthe of the Le Mans race this year. Like last year, the cars will race into the night with Osram LED technology in the headlights.

Osram provides LED technology (including LED-based headlights, fog lights, and daytime running lights) and expertise for BMW M Motorsport at Le Mans.

Le Mans Pushes Endurance to the Limit

The 24 hours of Le Mans in France is known to push man and machine to extreme limits of endurance. In such a race, especially at night, even the tiniest detail can be of critical importance. Drivers use LED light glasses to help prepare the drivers for the races. The blue LED light stimulates the central nervous system.

Also, BMW M Motorsport has installed unique LED luminaires in common rooms and the pit wall control center. The special luminaires emit light with a high blue component, helping the drivers and engineers in these areas to heighten and maintain concentration levels even during the night session.

Stimulating Influence of Osram LEDs Helped Bring Drivers Back Safely

Osram first marked the premiere of its biologically effective light in cooperation with BMW Motorsport in 2017 during the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring. The company noted that its stimulating influence again brought the drivers and team safely through the night at this year’s race from 12 to 13 May.

Osram LEDs to Help Drivers Transition from Night to Day on Le Mans Racetrack

This year, Osram LEDs will also help drivers make the night to day transition on the Le Mans racetrack in the racing cars piloted by the BMW team MTEK. the BMW M8 GTE (driven by the BMW MTEK team) features headlights built by custom-design specialist GERG Lighthouse that use six Osram Opto Semiconductor Oslon Black Flat S LEDs in the three-chip model.

The compact LEDs are unusually powerful. “This is the brightest light I’ve ever seen in a racecar,” said Martin Tomczyk, a BMW racing driver.The BMW M8 GTE’s auxiliary headlights utilize Osram’s Ostar headlamp Pro, which Osram Opto Semiconductors developed for applications demanding intense brightness with a seamless, white color effect.

Osram notes that the Oslon Black Flat S LED that comes in robust SMT packages can be used for automotive applications ranging from high beams to fog lights and directional headlamps.

Multiple segments make up the headlamp beam. Different areas can be switched on or off independently of each other. For example, a glare-free high-beam light can be created while selectively excluding oncoming traffic from the high beam. Full intensity emission illuminates the remainder of the environment.

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