Bios Lighting to Debut New LED Grow Light

BIOS Lighting of Melbourne, Florida USA, reported that they will unveil the Icarus Gi II, the company’s newest addition to its Icarus line of industrial grade grow lights. The company will debut the new grow light at the fifth annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas November 16-18.

BIOS designed the lighter and more compact Gi II to deliver the highest PAR (photon efficacy performance) in an industrial grade fixture. The company also included VoltServer capabilities.

The new grow light is a 1-to-1 replacement for 1000 W HPS lighting. It consumes over 50 percent less than the HPS lighting it replaces. The device boasts a lifetime over 50,000 hours. The light’s smooth optics allow spot-free cleaning.

The company scientifically engineered the emission spectrum for optimal PAR photon efficacy and plant growth. The Gi II like the other members of the Icarus line comes fully assembled and is UL wet rated with durable industrial grade construction

“This is an exciting new addition to the top performing Icarus line,” said Sean Tegart, BIOS Lighting President. “One groundbreaking feature of the Gi II is the ability to power the unit with ‘digital electricity’ by VoltServer for even greater installation and operating cost reductions. As the cannabis market matures, grow facilities will need to upgrade their inferior legacy lighting to stay profitable. Icarus fixtures like the Gi II provide that competitive edge.”

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