Alaskan Cannabis Grower Chooses Heliospectra

Heliospectra AB of Gothenburg, Sweden, a producer of LED lighting for controlled environment horticulture, reported that a recently licensed cannabis cultivation facility in Alaska has selected the Heliospectra LED lighting system. The owner and operator cannabis cultivation facility, Green Leaf, Aaron Bean chose the Heliospectra LED-based solution. He determined that it is the only available product with the power and versatility to provide the ideal lighting for every stage of the cannabis growth cycle.

“We selected Heliospectra to grow the highest-quality cannabis for our discerning buyers. Independent grower reports prove that the Heliospectra system accelerates harvests by 5-14 days. That means more production and more revenue for Green Leaf.” stated Aaron Bean, owner of Green Leaf.

Green Leaf bought the Heliospectra LX601C lighting system for its cannabis cultivation facility in Sitka, Alaska. The LX601C is the HelioSpecta’s premier product for indoor (sole-source) lighting applications. Even the world’s largest indoor LED-powered cannabis cultivation facility uses the LX601C, according to the company. The firm says that the 630W fixture has an optical distribution that allows the light to be close to the plant, while the luminaire maintains a wide, uniform light distribution.
Advanced spectral control enables growers to manipulate each wavelength’s light intensity, to make the optimal growing environment for their plants. Heliospectra asserts that growers report a rapid return on investment from the increased production rate from both reducing the flowering time and cut HVAC costs by up to half.

“Cannabis industry leaders like Aaron Bean do the math and see that the Heliospectra solution is their fastest path to maximum revenue. When you combine the ability to accelerate harvests of top-quality crops with 50-70% electrical and HVAC savings, it’s easy to see why Heliospectra is not just the most technically advanced solution, it’s also the most cost-effective choice. We are pleased to help Green Leaf achieve their crop performance and financial targets,” said Caroline Nordahl Wells, vice president, sales and marketing for Heliospectra

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