Universal Adds Linear, High Bay Module Family

Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc., which Panasonic Lighting Americas operates in Nashville, Tennessee, has added the High Bay Module family to its EVERLINE® LED line. The High Bay Modules feature a 22-inch, dual-row design with a high-lumen output. At maximum current, the module delivers over 7300 lumens. The company developed the module specifically for high bay lighting fixtures.

Universal Lighting Technologies- EVERLINE High Bay Module family

With a lumen maintenance L90 rating of greater than 50,000 hours at temperatures up to 90°C, the module is extremely reliable. According to the company, combining two of these modules with the EVERLINE D23CC90xxxT-F family of drivers can provide up to 12,400 lumens with a system efficacy greater than 130 lumens per watt (LPW). Universal says that multiples of the modules can be connected to create high bay lighting fixtures. The modules can operate in fixtures with both universal voltage (120-277V) and high range voltage (347V-480V).

“The High Bay Module is available with Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT) ranging from 3000K to 6500K, with conformal coating as a standard option, covering the growing demand of customer requirements we are now seeing,” said Heath Martin, product manager for Universal. “The thermally conductive circuit board material and dual row LED spacing both help reduce the LED’s operating temperature. This improves the lumen output and system efficacy, making them ideal for high bay fixture applications.”

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