Transcend Lighting Debuts Infinity Linear LED Grow Light

Transcend Lighting, Inc. a horticultural LED lighting company based in New York City has released the Infinity Linear LED grow light. The 4-foot long LED grow light is said to be ideal for new installations in which fluorescent or metal halide lights were previously used. Transcend says that the LED grow light incorporates the company’s patent-pending phosphor technology that delivers an emission spectrum optimized for plant growth and production yield while being energy efficient. The IP66-rated product works from 110V-277V. It has a projected lifetime exceeding 65,000 hours and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The device emits over 115 umoles (a measure of the number of photons emitted) while consuming 58 watts making it both high power and efficient. The company says that multiple bars can be easily connected for gapless light without any wiring. Transcend asserts that 36 fixtures can be operated off a single plug at 277 volts and 12 fixtures at 110-120 volts. This many fixtures translates to up to 144 feet of consecutive light emitters.

The heat sink allows easy mounting, the company notes. No hooks or screws are needed to suspend the luminaire. The suspension kit just slides into the mounting channel, and the mounting clips are then snapped into place, the company revealed. Transcend claims it takes just seconds to mount to any ceiling, wall or shelf.

“We are bringing this product to market in response to customer frustration with installation complexity of existing LED products. The Infinity Linear LED light has been designed to ensure quick and easy installation – from the simple plug type wiring to the gapless snap together daisy-chaining system. Feedback from our customer base has been overwhelmingly positive,” Transcend Lighting CEO, Brian Bennett, commented.

The company exhibited the Infinity Linear LED light in San Francisco from July 23-24 during the Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo. The linear luminaires retail for $199.

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