Sylvania Automotive Lighting Adds to ZEVO LED Lighting Line

SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting AAPEX Sylvania Automotive Lighting has added to the Sylvania ZEVO® Automotive LED Lighting line. The ZEVO Automotive lighting line allows auto enthusiasts to create a more distinctive appearance on their vehicles. The latest additions to the ZEVO LED Lighting line include the PULSE and HYBRID. PULSE and HYBRID add color and interaction to headlight assemblies. PULSE and HYBRID can be controlled through Bluetooth® technology. The company also expanded its portfolio of the ZEVO mini replacement bulbs to include a larger portfolio of lighting products for the interior and exterior of a vehicle.

The company developed these new products to meet the demand of automotive enthusiasts for high-quality LED technology from a trusted brand to make their vehicles stand out. The company says that its expanded range of quality LED products offerings for the aftermarket industry allows anyone to enjoy the crisp, bright white lights like those seen on original equipment products or create their own style with an array of colors.

“The demand for LED applications is growing as auto enthusiasts seek options for upgrading the lighting on their vehicles. They want products that deliver a brighter and whiter source of light or have the ability to add color-changing features for a customized look. Our new ZEVO products do just that, all while bringing another level of eye-catching style to today’s vehicles,” said Brian Noble, marketing manager, Sylvania Automotive Lighting.

The ZEVO PULSE product can even be synchronized to music and can be controlled via the free ZEVO smartphone app (Android and iOS compatible). 
The company says that the simple to install and run, ZEVO PULSE is a coin-sized chrome-finished LED disk. The disks mount to the outside of the headlight assembly.  These disks shine color back into the headlight for the desired effect.

Customers do not have to take apart the headlight assembly to install LED lights. Sylvania says that set up is as simple as connecting two wires to the vehicle’s battery, linking to the app, and customizing the app to the desired settings.
Once paired with the Sylvania ZEVO app, users can control the ZEVO products via Bluetooth technology. They can select from thousands of colors, control brightness levels, save favorites, and pulse colors to the beat of music. Additionally, the app can control multiple ZEVO products in up to eight different locations within the vehicle. The products can be controlled via the app as one lighting system or can be individually operated.

The ZEVO PULSE is available now at select retailers and online.

The new Sylvania ZEVO HYBRID also gives users the same personalization options as the PULSE with the headlight assembly color, but the company designed it for a more discreet application. The LEDs that provide the colored light snaps onto the base of the 9005 high beam, 9006 low beam and 9145 fog lights. The LED module’s light shines all the way through the back of the bulb, filling the headlight assembly with colored light without impacting the color of the beam pattern. Using the same ZEVO app as PULSE, allows users to control the HYBRID system. They can select from a wide array of colors and modes to give their vehicles added elements of distinction.

ZEVO HYBRID products will be available for purchase before the end of the year.

Sylvania Automotive Lighting is also increasing the portfolio size of LED mini bulbs for interior and exterior  LED mini bulbs replace the original interior and exterior incandescent bulbs. LED mini bulbs reportedly give vehicles a more modern look with longer life, more durability and improved performance. ZEVO mini bulbs come with a lifetime limited warranty.

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