Sanan Constructing Micro LED Production Line

Sanan Optoelectronics of China plans to set up its first micro LED epitaxial wafer and chip production line during the first-quarter 2019, according to a DigiTimes article which cited industry sources.

The company has reportedly developed micro LEDs of 20-micron in diameter. The company’s micro LED production line to be constructed will allow the Sanan to make 4-micron LEDs and 10-micron LED flip-chips, according to the article.

Sanan applied for 27 patents related to micro LEDs and intends to produce micro LEDs in small volumes for small-size panels in smart wearables, as well as large panels of over 100 inches (diagonally), and automotive taillights as early as the end of the year 2019.

So far the brightness of green and blue micro LED chips has reached the output required for TVs. However, the intensity of red micro LED chips is below the standard needed for TVs, but the company expects to improve this output in September 2018, the article indicated.

Notably, Sanan has become a priority supplier of mini LEDs for large-size displays for Samsung Electronics.


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