Phoseon UV Lamp Surpasses 50,000 hour Lifetime

Phoseon Technology reports that its UV LED lamp is still providing greater than 80 percent of its original output. What makes the UV lamp extraordinary is that the UV lamp has undergone 50,000 hours of operational testing that began more than five years ago. The company says that it always has more than 50 lamps in various stages of lifetime and stress testing. The company tests LED-based UV lamps with working conditions that are intended to mimic their use in industrial UV curing equipment.

“Claims of UV LED longevity have been more than validated with these results,” stated Phoseon Vice president of engineering Scott Igl. “This 50,000-hour air-cooled lamp showcases Phoseon’s commitment to supplying high-performance, highly reliable light sources. The technology embedded in today’s UV LED lamps is built on this foundation so customers can be assured of many years of high-quality UV LED curing.”

“Bell-Mark is a strong advocate of UV LED light sources,” commented Bob Batesko of Bell-Mark Corporation, a firm that codes and marks for industrial customers. “With over 15,000 customers worldwide, Bell-Mark’s products need highly reliable curing systems and UV LED lamps provide long lifetime, lower energy, and reduced maintenance solutions our customers demand.”

Phoseon boasts that in addition to lifetime testing, its reliability program includes Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing (HALT). Also, the reliability program has a manufacturing burn-in process in which each product is built, calibrated, burned-in and then recalibrated before customer delivery. The company asserts that over 200 worldwide patents exclusively devoted to UV LEDs support these reliability and development programs.