Panasonic Creates Robust PP Resin

Panasonic Corporation of Osaka, Japan, reported that it has developed a very robust light diffusion type polypropylene (PP) resin molding compound. The company calls the compound “FULL BRIGHT” PP because it is said to extend the operating life of LEDs. Panasonic claims that the material is applicable for injection stretch blow molding and that it enables the formation of complex shapes. The company says that the ability to use injection stretch blow molding translates to greater product design freedom for customers.

The material can produce thicknesses as low as 0.5-mm, which was previously unachievable. According to Panasonic, processing the material was able to achieve thickness accuracy of less than 10 percent. 
Panasonic says that its previously used material generated a hole when it was blown to a 0.5-mm thickness.

The new material reportedly overcomes the previous weakness of light resistance that conventional PP resin molding compounds have. The robust material also has superior resistance to chemicals. Panasonic says that these performance properties combine to help extend the operating life of LED lighting.

The material is extremely resistant to UV light and high-temperature discoloration.  In an environment of 90°C temperature under a 400W mercury lamp at a distance of 30cm, discoloration doesn’t begin until after a full 90 days of exposure (approx. 2000 hours). With a ΔE of 2.0 or below, it takes a projected ten years for in outdoor environments for a person to notice discoloration of the material. The company’s previous PP resin had a ΔE of 17.

The material is relatively light weight (has a low specific gravity), and can enable lightweight designs of LED luminaires, displays, and fixtures. It can be employed in a wide range of applications including store lighting, outdoor sign boards, digital signage, water-related lighting, and automotive interior lighting.

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