LG Opens Commercial OLED Display Exhibition Center in Taiwan

LG Electronics announced the establishment of its commercial OLED display exhibition center in Taiwan. The company intends for the center to help the expand its commercial OLED display market segment.

LG Electronics has continued to grow in Taiwan since entering the commercial display OLED market in 2014. This year the company boasts a market share of more than 30% as the company has become the market leader in commercial OLED displays. Now, it has gone global with the opening of its first South Korean Headquarters Exhibition Center in Taiwan.

Taiwan LG Electronics chairman Kim Jae Cheng said that the company offers the first application of large-scale commercial OLED displays and has introduced a customized flexible OLED panel, tailored for enterprise customers. Currently, the Lutheran breeze department store, the LV flagship store, the Taichung, Taiwan Railway Station, and the New Fengyuan station have been benefited from perfectly rendered video content on LG’s commercial OLED displays.

LG’s commercial OLED display business debuts in Taiwan

In addition to offering the company’s exclusive OLED self-luminous display panel technology for business to business applications, the company has also created a flexible OLED panel with a very narrow frame along with the first introduced Open Frame Monitor and double-sided display.

LG Electronics offers the flexible OLED panel technology in the Open Frame commercial display

The company created these unique OLED displays in response to business customer-specific requirements.
LG offers a range of OLED Signage in addition to its commercial displays, including 4K UHD HD commercial display. The company has also created an 86-inch ultra-wide-angle vision commercial OLED display. LG claims that its OLED commercial displays provide the perfect image of the business with the best display solution.

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