LG Innotek Launches “Eye-Pleasing” LED

South Korean firm LG Innotek introduced what it terms the “eye-pleasing (EP)” LED package for the first time. According to the company, the “EP LED” is a new concept derived from previous research on the interaction between light and the human eye. The company says it implemented its proprietary technology for designing ultra-precision LED chips to control the wavelength of light. Specifically, the “EP LED” controls the wavelength of “blue light,” which corresponds to the 380nm - 500nm wavelength of visible light.

The most potent portion of blue light is the wavelength of 415 to 455 nanometers, which has been shown to generate reactive oxygen in the retina and bring stress to the eyes. The Eye pleasing LED reduces this portion of the blue wavelength by up to 60%~70% less than the sunlight or other LEDs.

LG Innotek contends that the “EP LED” can also be used to enhance cognition and concentration compared with conventional white LED lighting. The EP LED emits in the wavelength range 465 and 495nm. According to LG Innotek, this wavelength is known to increase melatonin suppression by up to 20% more than the natural sunlight does, thereby awakening and revitalizing.

The company also notes that the EP LED product can be also used with a color temperature tuning solution in office, retail, or hospital environment. Additionally, the company contends that when tuned to a high color temperature close to natural sunlight it can activate the human bio-rhythm. Furthermore, LG Innotek claims that when used as part of a color temperature tuning solution that is set to a low color temperature, it can improve the sense of relaxation of people and patients in a lounge or hospital patient rooms.

Company Installs EP LED Lighting in New Plant

LG Innotek installing the “EP LED” lighting in its new plant in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do. In the second half of this year, the company intends to launch the products and grow sales in North America and Europe following their release in the Japanese and Chinese markets.

June O Song, Vice President of LG Innotek’s LED Business Unit emphasized, “EP LED, which best represents the functionality of LED lighting, is not only beneficial to eye health but also conducive to effective learning and improved work concentration,.” He also addressed, “LG Innotek will continue to develop a new LED lighting market segment with its proprietary and state-of-the-art technologies.”

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