Cree Files Patent Complaint Alleging Bell + Howell Taclight From Emson Infringes its LED Patents

Durham, North Carolina-based LED company Cree has filed a patent lawsuit with the US District Court for the District of Massachusetts against E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. (Emson). The lawsuit alleges that Emson’s flashlights including the Bell + Howell Taclight infringe Cree’s patented LED technology. Cree further alleges that certain Emson flashlights use knock-off LEDs.

Cree both produces Cree brand flashlights and licenses its LEDs and LED technology to companies that manufacture flashlights. The flashlight (torch) market is awash with numerous products that advertise false claims of power, long lifetimes, and durability.

“We have an obligation to our customers to ensure that the market offers products that include the high-quality LED components that customers have come to expect. We are committed to protecting Cree’s investment in research and development on behalf of our customers, shareholders, and our licensing partners,” stated Dave Emerson, senior vice president and general manager for Cree LEDs

“Cree will not tolerate and will aggressively defend against such blatant disregard of its intellectual property rights,” Emerson said.

According to the complaint, Cree is seeking an injunction to prevent Emson from offering for sale and selling any products using knock-off LEDs and an award of enhanced damages and attorneys’ fees.

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