Cree Launches CXA2 LED Arrays

Cree CXB1310 LED array

Durham, North Carolina-based Cree, Inc. has introduced the XLamp® CXA2 High Density LED arrays which include the CXB1310 and CXB1520. The new Cree LED arrays incorporate elements of Cree’s SC5 Technology™ Platform. Cree claims that the new LED arrays provide the highest lumen density for their light emitting surfaces of 6mm and 9mm respectively. According to Cree, the advancement enables radically differentiated LED lighting form factors for applications such as downlights, track lights, and lamps.

For example, Cree points out that the CXB1520 LED has the lumen output of seven 60-watt replacement lamp but features a light emitting surface area much smaller than a dime. Therefore, the CXB1520’s very high lumen density allows lighting manufacturers to lower system cost and put more light where it is intended. Secondary optics and heat sinks can be smaller, and the overall bill of materials can be greatly reduced. Cree also says that when manufacturers combine a 3000K, 80 CRI CXB1520 High Density LED array with a 74mm diameter optic, the LED array provides over 50,000 candelas with a 10-degree beam while consuming just 40 watts.

“The CXB1310 High Density LED array delivers an impressive amount of light in a small package,” said Massimo Parravicini, R&D director of Reggiani Illuminazione. “The high lumen density of the CXB1310 LED will allow us to offer LED designs with performance and form factors previously impossible.”

Cree says that with the high lumen density of the CXB1520, lighting manufacturers can provide the performance of a 70W ceramic metal halide (CMH) PAR38 lamp through a smaller PAR20-size optic while consuming 43 percent less power.
The CXB1310 High Density LED array offers up to 3,200 lumens from an LES of 6mm, allowing similar reductions in size and power consumption compared to traditional light sources.

“The CXB1520 High Density LED allows us to deliver downlights that provide up to 2700 lumens with just 28 watts in a very small 4” trim platform. What was previously only possible in much larger platforms with much higher wattage requirements is now made possible in our VF Series Specification Grade Luminaire Downlight product line using Cree’s CXB1520 High Density LEDs,” said Justin Weaver, vice president Engineering, LF Illumination. “The very high efficacy of the CXB1520 High Density LED also allows us to move many of our products that at one time were only possible with active cooling solutions to passive solutions, simplifying our design and lowering our system costs significantly.”

Cree characterizes and bins its XLamp CXA2 High Density LED arrays at 85°C. The come in 2-, 3- and 5-step EasyWhite® color temperatures (2700K – 6500K), and feature CRI options of 70, 80 and 90. The LM-80 long-term test data is available for the CXB1310 and CXB1520 LEDs. The CXB1310 and CXB1520 have reported L90 lifetime projections of a minimum of 36,300 hours at 85°C and 105°C respectively.

“Cree pioneered high lumen density LED arrays, and we continue to push the boundaries of LED performance, consistently achieving what no other LED manufacturer has been able to achieve,” said Dave Emerson, vice president and general manager for Cree LEDs. “The industry-leading performance of the new CXA2 High Density LED arrays allows our customers to develop differentiated products that deliver high performance and energy savings through better LED technology.”

The CXA2 High Density LED arrays can use the same optics, holders and drivers as the original CXA LED arrays because they have the same form factor. The CXA2 High Density LED arrays are also UL-recognized and feature a level 4 rating. Product samples of the new CXA2 High Density LED arrays are now available, and production quantities are available with standard lead times.

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