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Joint Venture JOLED to Invest US$161 million in OLED Research Facilities in Japan

JOLED, a joint venture of Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), JDI, Sony, and Panasonic that integrates Panasonics OLED panel business (Jay O Red, Tokyo Chiyoda) plans to invest 20 billion yen (US$161 million) for new OLED research facilities in Ishikawa Prefecture, according to a Nikkei.com article. Japan Display (JDI) …

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Fujifilm and imec Demonstrate Full-color OLEDs

Fujifilm Corporation and nano-electronics research institute, imec reported that they demonstrated full-color OLEDs. The full color-OLEDs employed their jointly-developed photoresist technology that enables submicron patterning of organic semiconductors. Fujifilm contends that the breakthrough result paves the way to producing high-resolution and large, organic Electroluminescent(EL) displays and establishing more economical manufacturing …

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KETI Development of Bendable OLED Electrode Material Promises Foldable Smartphones


The Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) reports having developed an extremely flexible and robust OLED electrode material for mobile devices, according to a BusinessKorea.com article. Unlike the traditional OLED materials that use ITO (indium tin oxide) which cracks when bent, the new material employs a silver nanowire combined with a …

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Aixtron Increases Presence in OLED Sector with Acquisition of PlasmaSi

Aixtron SE, a leading manufacturers of deposition systems based in Munich, Germany, reported that the company has acquired privately owned Silicon Valley-based PlasmaSi, Inc. as of April 1, 2015. According to Aixtron, cash compensation for the acquisition may reach up to $16 million. PlasmaSi has a technology for depositing ultra-thin …

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