Lumileds Introduces Luxeon 2835 Line

Lumileds of San Jose, California, an LED producer owned by Philips of the Netherlands, has introduced the Luxeon 2835 Line. The Luxeon 2835 LEDs come in five configurations of light output, string voltage, and ESD protection. Retrofit lamps, downlights, and troffers can use the Luxeon 2835 LEDs.

Lumileds Luxeon 2835

“The LED retrofit bulb and other application segments are taking off right now. We decided to optimize for each application requirement via different offerings within the Luxeon 2835 Line,” said Matthew Everett, senior director of Mid Power Products.

The Luxeon 2835 comes in two different light output ranges. Lumileds created the Luxeon 2835C to provide higher efficacy and a 240mA maximum drive current with 3V and 6V options. The company designed the Luxeon 2835E for the most economical and cost effective retrofit lamp designs with 6V and 9V options. According to the company, low-cost soft white (2700K) retrofit bulbs with 80 CRI can benefit from the Luxeon 2835E 9V, which produces 72 lumens at 134 lm/W when driven at 60 mA. For entry level bulbs, the Luxeon 2835E 6V produces 49 lumens with the same efficacy at an even lower cost. Manufacturers of dimmable bulbs, LED candles and downlights might choose the 2700K Luxeon 2835C 6V, which delivers 103 lumens at 138 lm/W at 80 CRI when driven at 120 mA. One notable advantage all of the Luxeon 2835 LEDs is that they can be driven at double these reference drive currents to achieve even higher flux, allowing the use of fewer LEDs per bulb.

For developers of linear fixtures, mid-range troffers, and downlights, the Luxeon 2835C 3V comes in two versions, one with a transient voltage suppression (TVS/Zener) diode and one without. The 4000K version of the 2835C 3V LED without a TVS diode provides 58 lumens at 156 lm/W with 80 CRI when driven at 120 mA.

The Luxeon 2835 Line comes in a correlated color temperature range or 2700K - 6500K at 70 and 80 CRI. Lumileds hot-color targets all Luxeon 2835 6V & 9V LEDs to ensure the color remains within ANSI bin specifications at typical application conditions. Lumileds says that micro color binning of the Luxeon 2835 allows easy creation of 3, 4 or 5 step MacAdam Ellipse kits.

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